Individual using Jordin app on smartphone, walking and leaving a trail of flourishing plants and trees, symbolising eco-friendly steps

Blending personal wellbeing with sustainability

Motivating you to walk more using adaptive step challenges that unlock verified climate actions
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Fitness app with an eco-friendly twist

Adaptive goals
As you progress, your personal step goals evolve, ensuring they remain both motivating and achievable
Engaging journey
Watch landscapes transform with your step accomplishments and unlock stories of nature
Climate impact
Once subscribed, each step you take is converted to climate actions via verified sustainability projects
Jordin app's daily step goal progress screen, highlighting user's walking achievements.
User's Jordin rank screen displaying climate-friendly milestones within the Jordin app.
Jordin app screen showcasing the collective CO2 offset impact unlocked by the community's walking efforts.
Jordin app's journey screen illustrating a user's historical fitness milestones since they started walking with Jordin.
Artistic cover images in the Jordin app representing nature-inspired stories for motivated walking.
Illustrative leaves

Elevate your business, partner with Jordin

Fitness challenges
Add purpose to your fitness challenges and drive stronger employee involvement
Eco branding
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Behind climate actions
We invest a part of subscription fees into climate projects provided by trusted organisations. These projects include reforestation and renewable energy initiatives.
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Embed sustainability into your brand and showcase your contributions effortlessly
Jordin as a perk
Stand out in the job market and attract talent, seeking value-driven companies
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A QR code directing users to the Apple App Store page of the Jordin app.
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Our mission

At Jordin, we transform daily walks into strides for a more sustainable tomorrow
Three eco-conscious hikers on the Eath, hand in hand, gazing toward a more sustainable future as they embrace their climate friendly journey with the Jordin app