Jordin - Terms of Service

Last update: 22 Aug 2023

The following Terms of Service (“ToS”) regulate the terms and conditions of the services provided in relation to “Jordin” application (“Service”) by Pontly Solutions Kft. (having its registered seat at 1138 Budapest, Sólyatér utca 11., 2/3, Hungary, registered in the Hungarian company registry under the number 01-09-400216; hereinafter referred to as “we” or as the “Service Provider”). These ToS sets out the rights and obligations of the Service Provider and the user (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “User”) in connection with the use of the Service, regardless of the place of performance or the location of the User.

1. Definitions

App Store EULA means the Licensed Application End User License Agreement published by Apple at

Carbon credit is a measurable, verifiable emission reduction from certified climate action projects. These projects reduce, remove or avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

CO2 emissions per capita represent the average yearly emissions for an individual in a specific country or region. To determine this, the total yearly emissions of the country or region are divided by its entire population.

Production-based CO2 emissions (“CO2 emissions") is the commonly reported metric by countries, as that is the typically used method for setting goals and tracking advancement. This approach doesn't account for emissions linked to traded goods, therefore attributing emissions to the country where they originated. For instance, if Indonesia produces goods using coal and then sells them to Germany, the emissions are credited to Indonesia.

Climate actions refer to our purchase of carbon credits to offset CO2emissions. We determine the amount of these offsets using two factors: the users’ step goal achievements and the users’ subscription tier.

Fee means the monthly fee to be paid for using the Service according to the subscription packages described below in section 4.

2. Download and registration

You may use our Service after downloading the application from App Store and completing the registration process.

You can download the application only from the App Store. The Service is available from the following territories: Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

An email address is required for registration. After entering your email address, you have to click on the “Continue” button to receive the one-time, unique access link. If you click on the link you have received in email, you will be able to enter the application and use the Service. You shall not disclose the unique access link to any unauthorised third party, we are not liable for any damages resulting from unauthorised use of the unique access link.

In order to access the Service, you have to accept this ToS and the App Store EULA, and you shall grant access to the Apple Health application as described in our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to terminate the registration process if we do not have the right to access to the Apple Health application, which is essential for the provision of the Service as set out in our Privacy Policy.

You are only eligible to use the Service and fulfil the registration process if you are at least 18 years old.

You warrant that the information provided during registration is correct and up to date, and that you update your account with any the relevant information when necessary.

3. Description of Service

The main purpose of the Service is to motivate people to walk more. This extra motivation is achieved by generating personalised step goals for our users, indicating step related statistics for them and (with an active subscription) converting every step they take to climate actions.

To help this process, we might also provide additional challenges for you based on the collected data.

Disclaimer: These step goals, challenges or quests provided by our app are intended for general motivational purposes only and are not designed to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Such figures are only general estimates made by us based on the data sourced from Apple Health application and generally available statistics data. Users should consult with a physician or other qualified healthcare professional before beginning any new exercise program or following any recommendations, particularly if they have any pre-existing health conditions or concerns. We assume no responsibility for any injury or adverse health effects resulting from the use or misuse of the recommendations and information provided by our application.

Our app aims to motivate you by the following factors when using the Service:

a) number of steps related challenges, updated on a weekly basis (“private goals”, “quests”);
b) converting your steps to climate actions as per set out in these ToS.

With an active subscription, your steps are converted to climate actions. Each day, your climate impact is calculated based on your subscription tier, combined with your step goal achievements for that day (percentage of completion). As you achieve your step goals day by day, you can continuously amplify the unlocked cumulative climate impact. Considering these aspects, we work out how much CO2 we will offset through carbon credits.

Disclaimer: We are proud to contribute to environmental efforts by purchasing carbon credits. These purchases are made by us and for our own account, based on the engagement and step goal achievements of our users within our app. It is important to clarify that these carbon credits are not bought for the user or on behalf of any individual user. We do not sell carbon credits or climate actions. The initiative is solely a commitment from us to support sustainability.

Remember, although climate actions with Jordin can lead to a positive impact on our climate, it is not a carbon-neutral ticket. We encourage you to keep making sustainable choices every day.

We undertake to support various climate action projects, by purchasing carbon credits as per detailed in these ToS. With regard to the obligation to purchase carbon credits, we agree to accomplish this undertaking within 70 days of the end of each month based on the completed month’s user activity.

By completing quests, you may increase your level in Jordin, which may be an indication of your overall progress, and which can be used to improve the user experience of our Service as set out from time to time by us.

By using our Service, we may present you with various aggregated data related to the overall positive climate impact we achieved through the activity of you and all other users of the application.

We confirm that the content of the Service is protected by copyright and is the intellectual property of the Service Provider. Please note that by using the Service and completing private goals or other quests, you may unlock texts or other written elements that are generated by artificial intelligence, and in such cases, the above copyright provision set out above may not apply.

4. Prices and payments

The Fee for the Service is payable on the basis of the current price list published in the Jordin application’s subscription screens. We will publish the applicable prices by the types of Service indicated as follows.

Monthly fee packages indicate the amount of maximum CO2 offset potential per day when completing your step challenges. Currently we offer one package, that allows us under the other conditions set out in these ToS, to convert your daily steps into climate actions, offsetting up to 1 kg of CO2 emissions per completed daily step goal.

We provide a trial period for the Service free of charge and with limited functionality for 10 days after the first registration for each package. After the expiry of this trial period, you can switch to a paid subscription (subscribing to the Service). Your access to the Service will automatically terminate if you choose not to pay the fee for the Service and subscribe.  If you wish to subscribe, you have to provide a method of payment as well. We will not request any information regarding your method of payment during the trial period.

By subscribing, you will have access to all remaining functionality, such as your Jordin rank, and other climate impact statistics. Moreover, upon successful subscription after the trial period, we will fulfil the related climate actions according to the details described in section 3 of these ToS.

You pay the Fee for the subscription in advance, for the first time on the day of your subscription. For any following months, you shall pay the Fee on the same day each month as you have paid first (or the last day of the preceding month if there is no such day in the given month).

You shall pay the Fee using the App Store’s in-app purchase method. You are obliged to ensure the necessary coverage and other conditions for the use of the chosen payment method. If you fail to provide sufficient funds on the due date of payment, we will send an email message to the email address provided by you and will attempt to debit the payment instrument with the amount of the Fee again. Incase of failure of the payment, we will consider that your active payment period has expired and will immediately terminate access to the Service.

5. Term and termination

The subscription is concluded for a period of one month based on the conditions set out in section 4.

The subscription and access to the Service shall be automatically prolonged by one additional month until you or we terminate the Service in accordance with these ToS. In this case, you will have access to the Service until the end of the extended period covered by the ongoing subscription period.

You may terminate the subscription at any time, but at least 24 hours before the next renewal and the end of the current subscription period. Your full access to the Service will remain until the end of the already paid subscription period. The Fee paid in advance for the current period will not be refunded to you.

We will terminate your subscription and your access to the Service immediately if your active payment period expires. You are also entitled to delete your user account in the application during the term of your subscription.

We are entitled to terminate your subscription with immediate effect if we have reason to believe that you or a person unknown to you is using the Service without permission or you have otherwise breached this ToS, in particular the followings.

You may only use the Service for your personal use. You shall refrain from the following conduct:

a) using the Service for commercial purposes, or otherwise making the Service available to the public, in particular in places of entertainment;
b) using the Service in an unlawful or improper manner or in any other manner that is not in accordance with these ToS;
c) copying, reproducing, lending, selling, broadcasting or otherwise distributing, editing or in any other way transmitting the content of the Service;
d) circumvent, render unusable, modify, or alter any technical protection measure or security device that is part of theService.

6. Right to modify terms

We are entitled to unilaterally modify these ToS at any time and in the light of the provisions of Apple Developer Program License Agreement. We shall inform you of any such amendments by email 30 (thirty) days prior to their entry into force by placing such information on our website. Such notification shall include the right of termination of your subscription. When the amendments enter into force, registered Users must expressly accept them when logging on to the application in order to use the Service.

If you do not wish to accept the amendments, you shall be entitled to terminate the subscription no later than the date on which the amendments enter into force. If you do not terminate the subscription before the entry into force of the amendment, it shall remain in force between the parties with the amendments.

7. Maintenance, planned outages

We may suspend access to the Service at any time for maintenance activities related to the Service. We will inform Users of the date and duration of the planned maintenance in the application, preferably 5 working days in advance.

8. Data protection

Our Privacy Policy related to the data processing activity is available at:

9. Governing law, jurisdiction, complaints

If you are concerned about an alleged breach of law, contact us by sending a message using our contact form.

The parties shall attempt to settle all disputes arising out of this ToS primarily by amicable means. The present ToS shall be governed by Hungarian law, and the Hungarian authorities and courts shall have jurisdiction to settle any disputes arising therefrom.

The provisions of AppStore EULA and Apple DeveloperProgram License Agreement shall be also applicable to the Service. If you are unable to settle your consumer dispute with us, you may enforce your rights in the following ways:

a) Filing a complaint to the consumer protection authorities: if you notice a violation of your consumer rights, you have the right to file a complaint with the consumer protection authority, based on your place of residence.

b) Initiation of conciliation body proceedings in Hungary (alternative dispute resolution): in order to settle consumer disputes relating to the Service out of court, you may initiate such proceedings before the conciliation body of the professional chamber of our seat in Hungary as follows:

Contact details of the Budapest Conciliation Board:
- 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99., III. floor. 310., Hungary
- postal address: 1253 Budapest, PO Box 10., Hungary
- email address:
- fax: 06 (1) 488 21 86
- telephone: 06 (1) 488 21 31

10. Contact us

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us:
name: Pontly Solutions Kft
address: Hungary, 1138 Budapest, Sólyatér utca 11, 2/3, Hungary
Contact Form

We may notify you by email or by publication in the application or at of information relating to the Service in accordance with applicable law. 

You are obliged to update your contact details if those are changed during the use of the Service.